Repair a refrigerator by yourself!

Even though refrigerators are fairly expensive devices, they can be subjected to some home repairs by a novice without the need of a professional stepping in. These appliances are built to last and with proper care, they can even run for decades.
Unfortunately, as with all electronics, they do have certain vulnerabilities that occasionally require extra attention that can be done by anyone with the right information and tools. In order to perform the right refrigerator repairs, it is important to know what the problem is foremost and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Cooling problems

This is a problem that is fairly common in every household. When the refrigerator door is opened and the air is not as chilly as it should be, yet the settings are in order, then there is a problem with the cooling system. One of the most common reasons for this are the coils at the back, or underneath for newer models, having accumulated dust. These coils help to keep the air inside the refrigerator cool

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